2010 Chase Sequences

We have decided to include some new features for the 2010 Y12 Chase Sequence. Each of the production roles will have one specific factor to consider, which is outlined below. The dates are as follows:

Planning Week (2hrs)- 13th to the 19th
Filming Week- 20th to the 26th
Editing Week- 27th to the 6th

You need to make sure that your finished film is uploaded onto sisfilmmaker by 3pm on the 6th of October. Remember that SL students working together are aiming at 2-3mins of footage whilst HL students should aim for 2-3mins.

2010 Chase Sequences - Media@ESF

Script- 'Too infinity and beyond'
Editor- Time portal & space portal (Temporal and spatial transition)
Sound- Sound Advance Transition
Cinematographer- Contra Zoom
Director- Graphic Match

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