2017 Chase Scene Brief

For the 2017 Chase Sequence, we would highlight the importance of editing, sound design and cinematography, which underpins the teaching we will do during the first term. Group size is a maximum of 4. The ideal group size would be 2-3.

In terms of the task, we want you to produce no more than 2-3mins of footage. For your portfolio, remember it is crucial to begin by researching iconic chase scenes, making notes on your selected role. Remember this is a task, which necessitates some risk taking in your work, albeit you should be safe when filming!

The chase could involve at least one exchange of dialogue, which the sound designer must record. It should also include a temporal transition moving the protagonist from one location to another. Cinematographers should attempt a contra-zoom. Directors, if you attempt to encourage your talent to use spontaneous improvisation at least once during the filming process. The full brief per role is as follows:

Script- Experiment with a dialogue scene?
Editor- Time portal & space portal (Temporal and spatial transition)
Sound- Sound Advance Transition (Sound bridge)...& at least two independently recorded examples of foley
Cinematographer- Contra Zoom, two-shot, shot/reverse shot
Director- Must hold workshop with talent before filming and could direct at least one scene which includes improvisation

Planning Week (2hrs)- 28th August to the 4th of September
Filming Weeks- 4th September to the 11th of September
Editing Week- 11th September to the 22nd September
Final Film Reel 1 Deadline- 22nd September
Film portfolio 1- 13th October

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