A Level Edexcel Folder 6


(a) Describe the legal and ethical constraints, and any industry codes of practice that apply to the
project you have chosen for Unit 5. These constraints and codes might apply to the sector of
the media industry you are working in, or to the genre or form of the product, or to both.

(Maximum marks 12)





(b) How did the constraints you have described under heading (a) affect the work you produced
for Unit 5?

(Maximum marks 8)

- Did you have to consider copyright? Did you seek and gain permission to use copyrighted material?
- Were there any health and safety considerations in terms of where you were filming?
- Did you have to think about your audience and the types of content which might or might not be suitable? Do you know what rating your film would get?
- Did you consider the working practices of your actors and crew etc? Did you schedule breaks, food, a reasonable working day for them?
- Did you allow the people being represented in your piece some say in the final cut? Did they get to check the piece before you published it?
- Did you seek permission to publish?

(c) How does the work you have produced for Unit 5 relate to past and current professional work
from the same medium and genre (or form) as your work?
You may refer in your response to
such things as content, structure, codes and conventions, styles, and use of technology.
(Maximum marks 16)

- What pieces inspired you? What EXACTLY inspired you - editing, cinematography, aesthetic, concept? Provide screenshots.
- What are the most popular examples of your form? (Music video, short film, magazine, whatever.) WHy are they so popular? How does your compare?
- What are some historical examples of your form or genre? It's a really good idea to look at some examples from the past and show that you have an idea about the history of the form.

(d) Provide an evaluation of the production practice and management skills that you have
demonstrated in the realisation of your Unit 5 project.
You may refer in your response to such
things as your time management, whether things were done in the right order, how productive
working sessions were, what factors affected how well you worked, and how you responded to
unforeseen circumstances, difficulties and problems.
(Maximum marks 12)

- How well did you manage your time?
- How well did you manage other people?
- DId you plan your piece effectively? How?
- DId things get done in the right order? Did you have to go back to do pick-up shots?
- Did you have regular meetings with everyone involved?
- Did you seek feedback from peers and teachers throughout the process?
- How did you cope with unforeseen problems?

(e) Provide an evaluation of the product you created for Unit 5. You may refer in your response to
such things as the suitability of your product for its intended audience, its technical quality
and its aesthetic quality.

(Maximum marks 12)

- Analyse EVERY aspect of your piece. Cinematography, editing, aesthetic, sound, colour.
- DId your concept work?
- Will your piece appeal to an audience?
- Which bits work particularly well? (USE SCREENSHOTS TO ILLUSTRATE THIS.)
- Is it technically well-made? DId you know what you were doing throughout?
- What could you improve?


Don't blame anyone else for anything!
Don't say you would have done better if you had more time (or better equipment, or better weather or whatever...)
Don't make yourself sound awful... be positive.
Equally, don't be afraid to admit to mistakes; but make sure you show that you attempted to solve them and that you understand how you would do it differently next time!

LOTS of graphical material throughout, please. There should be a LOT of screenshots from your own work and that of other (professional) work for comparison.


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