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News is an important part of every person’s life, however, news can also be harmful, especially with the democratisation of news that is happening as the Internet grows.

The democratisation of news has changed the amount of power people who have access to the Internet have. Now through many ways such as youtube, twitter, blogs etc. have given the ability for people to be gatekeepers, a person who decides what gets published as news. Yes - but I am eagerly waiting to see what this has to do with the question!

The digitisation of news brings many things, for example two way flow of information, more choice, different views etc. It can also make news harmful. People who may not seem to deserve or they should have the amount of power can still do many things with the ability to publish news. For example, recently Pail Staines, the owner of GUIDO FAWKES (an online political blog), single handedly got Damian McBride, the Head of Communications of the UK Treasury fired, using only his blog. This shows how the democratisation of news can be harmful and how someone like Paul Stains who may not seem to have a lot of power can get someone with a lot of power like Damian McBride fired, using only a blog which anyone with access to the Internet can get. A good link back to the question!

The digitisation of news can also bring about another problem because it allows anyone with access to the Internet to be a gatekeeper; this means that anything anyone wants to be news can be news.Isn't this exactly the same point again? Although it can be hard to find a large audience, gossips are an example of this. Gossips can harm the subject of the gossip if they do not really want others to know whatever is in the gossip, if it was only news agencies that could report news, the subject of the gossip could restrict the story from being published, however with the digitisation of news, the story will definitely be spread. Example?

Apart from problems caused by the digitisation of news, there are other problems that can be harmful. One of the bigger problems news is being biased. News being biased will affect how people think of things whether they realise or not. It is very hard to keep news unbiased, and so most news will be biased and most news can be harmful. For example, a photo of OJ Simpson appeared on the covered of the Times (it's 'Time' magazine)Magazine, this photo was edited to make OJ Simpson significantly darker than he actually was and because the dominant representation of black people was and is people who are violent, the magazine suggested that OJ Simpson was violent and was being biased toward to fact that OJ Simpson had committed a crime. News is harmful in this was because by affecting what people think of something, it can promote discrimination and change the way people act towards certain things.

Good essay - I think you'd get a high 'B'. The only slight problem is that you are basically being asked to write about audience effects (desensitisation, mean world syndrome and so on) and though you DO address some very relevant stuff with the idea of bias (you could have used Fox News / News Corporation in general as an excellent example) you've basically decided to write about the kind-of-but-not-very-relevant issue of digitisation. However, you actually did it quite well! Just try to answer the question you've actually been asked as opposed to the one you wish you'd been asked!

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