Client Based Practical Task

After Easter you will be beginning the research & planning for your final piece of practical work, which has to involve a genuine client and target audience. Remember to revisit your Horror project before you start and remind yourself of the areas in which you can improve. How was the research stage last time? What about the planning? Who would you be best suited to working with?

The allocation of marks is as follows:

* RESEARCH (10 marks)
* PLANNING (10 marks)
* PRODUCTION (50 marks)
* EVALUATION (10 marks)

We will be using the SIS TV channels to help advertise some client based tasks, some of which are part of a collaboration spanning several years. The most obvious place to begin with a task like this is the Community Channel as ideally, you are attempting to use your media skills for the benefit of others. (Like an NGO or INGO...a charity organisation) The chances are that you are going to construct a PROMO Video on behalf of your client. This means that it is both an advertisement and a documentary woven into one. The WJEC ask for:

* 3 mins documentary


* 2 30-45secs adverts (if a group) or 1 30-45secs advert if working individually.


Last year, Alexa Bautista & Thomas Sui made the following promo video on behalf of the Hong Kong School Film Awards. You probably recognise it from seeing it in the school reception:

Notice that Alexa was assessed as editor and Thomas as cinematographer. Whilst there are some minor problems with the sound in the Scream parody sequence, keep in mind that neither was assessed on sound. It is beautifully filmed and edited hence the A* marks gained by the two. More importantly, the client (me) used it as it had an authentic purpose, namely to promote the HK School Film Awards. This is the most important part of the assessment. Is your product good enough to be used by the client? If it is, the chances are that as long as you can justify your contribution to the production, you will get an A*. Also, Sarah, Louisa & Molly made this impressive A* piece for the Hong Kong Aids Foundation:

Equally, Celine & Matilda attempted to go for 2 shorter ad's:

Some of you may be asked to do an instructional video on behalf of your client. This is likely to be very popular with teachers in the school who want you to design a resource they can use as an instructional tool. I would like to encourage you all to watch this COMMONCRAFT video by the innovative video producers EPIPHEO.

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