Clip and Sequence Setting

It is very important that your sequence have the same setting as your clip - same screen size, same frame rate, same aspect ratio (4:3 or 16:9).
By default, if you set it up correctly, no render is needed when you drag the clips onto the timeline. Not even the 'green render bar' appears.

Browser window gives many information on all the clips and sequence including frame size, frame rate, duration...
In the picture below, you will see that all the clips are in the same frame size and format - HDV 1080i50. Sequence 1 too. But Sequence 2 is not, it's in PAL.
Clip and Sequence Setting - Media@SIS

Why does it happen ? The Easy Setup is in 'PAL', any new sequence created will be in 'PAL'

It's not hard to set it back correctly.
When you drag the clip onto sequence 2, a warning window appears.
Clip and Sequence Setting - Media@SIS
<<<<<<<<<<<<Hit YES>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Sequence 2 will then change automatically and will be in the same format as your clips.
Clip and Sequence Setting - Media@SIS

Or you could change the 'Easy setup' to HDV and create a new sequence which will be in HDV format.

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