Course Links With The IB MYP

As South Island is part of the English Schools Foundation (ESF), it is subject to changes made by the Foundation as a whole. It was recently decided that the ESF would adopt the Middle Years Programme in Years 7-9, which constitutes the second of three parts, which make up the International Baccalaureate (IB) qualification. ESF primary schools already offer the Pre Years Programme (PYP) and our senior students study the IB Diploma. The MYP represents students studying between Years 7 and 11 (11-16yrs).

Whilst this change is not imminent for our students in Years 10-11, it is prudent to build the new Media based course with the MYP in mind. Thankfully, both the South Island model and the proposed media course already contains a great deal of crossover with the MYP, both in the approaches to learning (ATL’s) offered and the skill base covered. These include ATL’s such as communication, research and thinking whilst ‘skill clusters’ such as collaboration, information literacy, media literacy, creativity/innovation and critical thinking are all embedded in the new media course. This should allow for easy marriage of the two at a later date should the ESF adopt the MYP for all students in Years 10-11.

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