DSLR HD video workflow

DSLR FILMMAKER'S WORKFLOW (with video format H.264)

Image quality is great on DSLR, but there are a few steps before you could surf in Final Cut Pro.

Converting orginal footage to AppleProRes
If you are using Canon EOS 1D Mark IV, 5D Mark II, 7D & 60D or later, it's eaiser. There is a plugin (EOS MOVIE Plugin-E1 for Final Cut Pro 1.3) for FCP. Follows this tutorial.

Canon instructionHERE.

For other DSLR, you will need compressor to convert the files. A workflow suggestion HERE.

A Different Easy Setup
Now you are using AppleProRes as the format (NOT DV PAL or HDV), so the project setting is different.
There is only one option here in Easy SetUp.
Abby's Technical Support - Media@ESF

BUT the frame rate of your video will most likely different from this. There is a difference between 24fps and 23.98fps or 30fps and 29.97fps.
And it may cause audio and video out of syn when you add audio track.
Check the spec. from the setup manual on your DSLR.
You need to create a custom Easy Setup like this. Don't forget to restart FCP before creating new project with this custom Setup.

Dual System
Internal Mic from DSLR is bad. Record sound seperately. Shooting with Dual System

Syn Audio and Video
using Pluraleyes free for one month

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