Enquiry Based Learning

For the new syllabus, that's those you of you starting Media Studies in August 2009 (exams, June 2011) we are changing our approach to the subject in what we hope will develop your independent learning skills prior to the IB Diploma. This means less time listening to us, stood at the front of the classroom (known as a didactic approach to education) and more of you exploring questions, which you have set for yourself and interest YOU, with US guiding you in that process. That already happens to some extent because practical projects have always entailed you coming up with your own ideas and learning the technical skills (often very independently of us) with some support from Abby and your teacher.

There will be 3 major investigations during this course, with at least 2 of these leading straight into practical tasks after you have submitted your coursework essay first. For a full breakdown of the course structure, go here. One very important aspect of our approach will be to use this wiki. This allows us to do many things but in terms of presentations (keynote & power-point) we will create two types. Some are question focused and will be used as a stimulus to help you get started. Secondly, we will often post informative presentations with lots of text. Wherever possible, we will not patronise you by making you sit through hour long sessions in which we read you word for word what you can read for yourselves. You can read these presentations in your own time or when asked by your teacher, by using this wiki and the laptop sat in front of you.


if you go to the bottom of this page you'll find an example of the unit which best fits the enquiry based model. This happens at the end of Y10 in preparation for your third and final practical task and involves you working with a genuine client. e.g. You use your media skills to work alongside a local NGO or you support this school (or at least a department within it) or indeed any school or local business to produce a media artifact. The overall idea is that earlier in the course we teach you the strategies needed to become independent (hence why Ms Ow will be invited into a lesson) before gradually handing over more freedom to you from Christmas onwards.