Extended Essay

Below is an example of what we think is an 'A' grade Film Studies EE. Keep in mind that this is live coursework and subsequently, we don't know for sure that the 'A' is confirmed.

Here are a few important factors for you to keep in mind after you receive your first draft back:

1. Have you made sure that you have a Title page, abstract, table of contents, bibliography, filmography, abstract, page numbers etc. Is the whole essay in the correct order?
2. Have you used screengrabs. Also, are they clear? If not, use i-photo to lighten and enhance the image.
3. Take pride in the quality of the essay. Avoid irrelevant historical background details which do not address your title. Demonstrate that you are passionate about film.
4. Address the title in your introduction and abstract. Each new paragraph of your essay should build on what you have already said and simultaneously answer the question.
5. Demonstrate that you have done more than just watch the DVD of your chosen film. (Incidentally, you should have watched your films several times and have copious notes on each chosen text) use quotes taken from secondary research on the internet. Use the school library search to see if we have any articles in Sight & Sound that could help you. Use DVD extras like interviews with the cast and crew. These are invaluable.
6. Your use of textual analysis must be used to construct an argument capable of answering the question. The conclusion should grapple with the complexities of the question and reach some kind of synthesis, given the information gained from your investigation.




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