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Each year I stumble upon some fantastic websites relating to film (as do you) so let's begin collaborating by not only using diigo to bookmark useful websites, but also recording them on this page so as we have a central library as a starting point when conducting research projects. Remember, any information taken from these sources must always be acknowledged in any formal assessment work that you submit to the IBO. Otherwise you run the risk of plagiarising and can fail the whole course. Get into the habit of always noting the URL and writer as you go along.



100 Recommended Search Engines for SeriousScholars

WARWICK UNIVERSITY: A JOURNAL of FILM CRITICISM...where I went to film school!

CAHIERS DU CINEMA...The magazine which started the whole subject off

BRIGHT LIGHTS FILM JOURNAL- Excellent holistic film research tool

BRITISH FILM INSTITUTE/SIGHT & SOUND (Yes, those magazines that are sat gathering dust in D82) You can also access a fully referenced search system in our own school library thanks to Rachel Ng, one of our former star students who spent 4 weeks categorising them for your easy access. USE THEM...

THE CRITERION FILM COLLECTION...This is a fantastic resource as the essays are written by film academics. We have many Criterion films in our collection at school. If you choose an older film text then it is worth buying the film from Criterion (if possible) because of the many excellent resources that come with the DVD.

DAVID BORDWELL'S BLOG... One of the great film critics, famous for his work on narrative theory. A very extensive site.

THE MEDIA MAGAZINE...More useful for Media Studies but still contains some very useful resources written by media practitioners, teachers, students etc.

SCREEN ON LINE...Excellent for British Cinema of all genre types

THE CASE FOR GLOBAL FILM- A really excellent site for starting your Independent Study (maintained by four prominent film/media teachers living in the North of England)

The BRONZE SCREEN...An excellent website for Latino Representation in film. The accompanying film is in the school library

KINOEYE...A cinema journal mainly concentrating on Eastern European (and especially Russian) Film.

THE LAMB- The premiere directory of movie blogs

FILM REFERENCE...A useful website for the Independent Study in particular as it has a focus on World Cinema

SKILL SET...Interesting for the breakdown of roles within the industry itself. If you are still not sure what the role of a sound designer, cinematographer etc is, then this will b a useful site for you.

RKO...Specific to the home of one of Hollywood's Big 5 between 1930-52 during the The Golden Age

CINEMA 16 SHORT FILMS...This site links into one of the DVD's I use in class containing films like Wasp & Klaus The Forklift Driver.

BERGMANORAMA...Useful website specifically addressing Ingmar Bergman

BLINKX...Useful film based search engine

FILM JAMR...An interesting social media network for those into film

The AUTEURS...Same again but with more of an emphasis on watching films in the context of online cinema

ATOMIC LEARNING...Useful for tutorials based on practical issues

IMDB...One you all know but dd you know that they showcase Independent films?

MOVIES UNLIMITED...Useful site for buying films

SENSES OF CINEMA...An Aussie film site with an emphasis on Australian Film but also has lots of general film articles

TROPFEST...Aussie short film festival

STRICTLY FILM SCHOOL...A very good site for academic articles on film

WORLD FILM...Fairly obvious from the title

REEL CLASSICS...Useful if you're analysing classic film texts. Also useful fr getting copies of classic films

MASTERS OF CINEMA...Again, the clue is in the title

CINESPOT...Specific focus on Hong Kong Cinema

FILM EDUCATION...A UK based site more specifically about how film can be applied to education as a whole

TIMELAPSE...A stock footage library

JOHN LOCKER...Historical documentaries

BRITISH PATHE...3500 hour British Pathe Film Archive which covers news, sport, social history and entertainment from 1896 to 1970

CORNERHOUSE... An excellent resource for finding study booklets and exemplary analysis/essays.

KOREAN FILM...Useful resource for exploring the history of Korea's national cinema

THE STORY OF MOVIES...Thanks to Mr O'Reilly from Pamoja for this one. A great educational resource and especially useful as a research tool for the INDEPENDENT STUDY


Warwick University: Movie- A Journal of Film Criticism...Fantastic for well written textual analysis

CINEPHILIA AND BEYOND...Excellent all purpose resource but particularly strong on the cinema of auteurs and the silent era


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