Foundation Diploma

Welcome to the homepage of our Media Foundation Diploma at South Island School. Over the next year we will be covering lots of media work with you, starting with the basics of a handling a camera, editing a short film, recording sound etc. You will join this wiki and our social networking site at ning. See here.


During Term 1, we are going to study advertising and will attempt to make a short advertisement, which attempts to sell a product. You can either make up a new product or advertise an existing one like Coca Cola. We will also look at different forms of what we call new media. This really means the internet but also overlaps into mobile phones etc.

During Term 2 we look at the difference between make believe and fantasy in cinema by looking at two different types of film. (Fantasy & Documentary) You will then work to make a full film which we hope to submit for the SIS Film Awards and ESF Film Awards in May. This is our main goal for the year.

Term 1- Advertising & New Media
Term 2- Film Course & Film


In your second year of Media Studies we will be offering you the chance to follow one of two pathways:


Unit 1- Comics & Magazines
Unit 2- Radio
Unit 3- Film & TV
Unit 4- Computer Games


Torrey Ryan
Oliver Brough
Gabby Malupa
Alex Collier
Shehan Seneviratne
John Bedell

Miss Woods