He/She Was Only Having a Laugh

During the Y7 Induction programme for 2014, students raised the thorny issue and grey dividing line between harmless online fun and actions likely to have a hurtful impact on others. One student said that when he'd challenged a friend about his actions, the response was simply...'I was only having a laugh.'

One good example of social media policy written by students and therefore user friendly in composition can be found here:

NYC Department of Education Social Media Guidelines.

At South Island, we ask that all students treat one another with respect, regardless of whether they are working in an online environment or not. The context of the situation is always important to how we respond to particular situations but the well-being of the student is the foremost consideration. The impact of comments on the receiver should always be carefully considered. Sometime the intent is not deliberate but the impact negative in which case both parties are brought together to discuss this and (hopefully) avoid the same again. This process is known as RESTORATIVE PRACTICE and is designed to support all parties involved in cases such as those suggested above. if you're unsure, discuss this further with your tutor, head of house or with Mr Williamson.

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