Homage to the Silent Era

Produce 40secs-1min of footage, which involves 2 people meeting for dinner. The scene should act like a mini version of the 3 act structure with a set up, conflict and climax.

This is also a homage to the silent film era and can be inspired by any of the cinematic traditions, which challenged Hollywood. (German Expressionism, French Impressionism, Russian Formalism, Surrealism, Realism, Naturalism etc)

Cinematographers, this film should contain an establishing shot, POV's and possibly the 30 degree rule too.

Sound designers, you have no sound to capture on set but need to compose a piece which will match the mood of the film. You will work in pairs.

Check out the work produced by the Pamoja (online) students for this assignment before you start, which can be found here. (This was specific to German Expressionism) The two gaining the best mark were Jun & Ana.