How Am I Assessed?

In line with the International Baccalaureate qualification, the assessment for this course deliberately avoids the need for you to sit a written qualification. We feel that whilst tests of this nature do still have some validity, it is not necessary in every subject. Instead, you will be assessed across six tasks, three each in years 10 and 11. Tasks vary between 25% and 15% with your best five selected.

At the time of writing (August 2016) we hope to eventually offer you some kind of formal, IB related qualification. However, we have yet to officially gain accreditation as an MYP school. In addition, the accreditation will only encapsulate years 7-9. However, Ms Andrews is going to seek some kind of formal qualification, which may come in the future. To help facilitate this process we have adopted the MYP mark-scheme. You are tested in four key areas, with marks provided out of 8 for each category, hence a possible total of 32. We will not test all four criteria in every formal assessment but across the challenges you will have multiple opportunities to engage with each criterion.

A. Knowing and Understanding
i. Demonstrate knowledge of the art form studied, including cncepts, processes and the use of appropriate language
ii. Demonstrate knowledge of the role of the art form in original or displaced contexts
iii. Use acquired knowledge to inform their artwork

B. Developing Skills
i. Demonstrate the acquisition and development of the skills and techniques of art form (media) studied
ii. Demonstrate the application and skills and techniques to create, perform and/or present art
iii. Create, present and/or perform art

C. Thinking Creatively
i. Develop a feasible, clear, imaginative and coherent artistic intention
ii. Demonstrate a range and depth of creative thinking behvious
iii. Demonstrate the exploration of ideas to shape artistic intention through to a point of realisation

D. Responding

i. Construct meaning and transfer learning to new settings
ii. Create an artistic response that intends to reflect or impact on the world around them ii. Critique the artwork of self and others
Evaluate the artwork of self and others

In addition, we also hope to establish an Agence France-Presse qualification. This is specific to the journalistic/news social media unit (Unit 4) but will hopefully extend to other units too, including the Client Based Commission in Year 11.

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