IB Homework Policy

The Film/Media Department has developed the following policy, in line with school policy (STINT) for the submission of either homework or coursework assignments. Given the nature of complex film deadlines, which may include exporting films to disc, we offer a blanket extension of one school day to cover almost any eventuality. This means that the work should be submitted the day after the official deadline before 8am in the morning.

If the deadline has been missed and no reason given, your teacher will initially contact your tutor/head of year. If the work continues to remain outstanding then the next step is for us to contact your parents. A new deadline will be negotiated and a note recorded on the Gateway.

If the work has still not been submitted after the two aforementioned steps, then the problem escalates to the next level. Ms Davey-Peel will be contacted and your parents will be invited into school to discuss your future in IB Film. Occasionally we have had to deal with students who reach this stage at which point we collectively decide whether students should drop the course (with alternative arrangements set up for supervision) or change to another option.

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