Learning Journal and Digital Portfolio

Many of you will remember using PATHBRITE portfolios in previous years and will therefore have experience of uploading the very best of your work, whilst explaining the specifics of your learning experience via the annotation tool. This process is even more important in MEDIA. Think of your work as designed specifically to be exhibited. This starts from the very first unit, in which you will play a role in constructing a HORROR or THRILLER film informed by the traditions of GERMAN EXPRESSIONISM, FILM NOIR or J-HORROR. Halloween provides us with the ideal to celebrate YOUR work. The film itself should be designed to leverage (make the best use of) social media. That starts with your digital platform.

The platform used is very much your choice. We suggest 3 options.

1. PATHBRITE- If you liked using Pathbrite previously then the school has paid to continue using this platform for another year. (Until June 2017) It is unlikely that the platform will continue to be used for either course design or portfolios after that time although keep in mind that the portfolios are FREE so if you like it, continue to use it.
2. EVIDENCER- This is the ESF in-built and FREE Moodle offering. The school is embracing this software from 2016/17 onward so you'll probably encounter it in several subjects.
3. CODE YOUR OWN- We would love to see some of you using HTML and CSS coding languages to take control of your own digital portfolio. Using GITHUB and other online resources it has become possible to download a general template before you can then take control of your visual image by coding your own site. We may even offer you time during the INTERACTIVE MEDIA unit in which you can develop this further.

Regardless of your choice, it is crucial that you begin recording not only your final products but also the learning process that you go through to reach that stage. This will form part of your overall grade so you need give it some serious thought. think of yourself as a curator, selecting content and learning to analyse the learning process you are experiencing.

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