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How long can you download stuff for without getting 'caught'?

Increasingly, media bodies (producers of adult film in this case, but also mainstream film and television producers and even individual bands) are hiring lawyers to demand payment for illegal downloads - generally, about $1000 USD ($7500 HKD) per download. Go check your ipod or hard drive. How much will YOU owe?

Speaking of pirating... what games get downloaded the most?

Probably not a surprise, but Spore is the year's most stolen game! Ironic, though, since it was also one of the most DRM-laden packages released. What future for the gaming (and film) industry? If DRM doesn't work, and this suggests that it doesn't, how can they protect their product? Note the figures, too - 1.7 million copies pirated against 2 million sold. Can an industry survive when almost half of its products are being taken for free? The music industry was the first to suffer - could games be next?

Should Wikipedia be censored?

The Internet Watch Foundation recently blocked a page on Wikipedia which hosted an offensive album cover image (but not an illegal image, presumably, since the album is still for sale.) Is this worrying? Are the IWF a democratically elected and accountable body? SHould they have the right to 'protect' us like this? Are such images harmful?

Is Web 2.0 dead?

Did you know that Facebook has yet to make a profit? A lot of Web 2 sites rely on advertising and sponsorship to survive; given the current economic downturn, it is clear that online advertising is going to be less of a cash cow than it has been. No more Facebook, Twitter, flickr, youtube? Unless, of course, you're willing to pay a subscription. Are you? (Most people, apparently, aren't!)

Economic Crisis? Where?

Computer game sales broke all records over the Christmas period, largely because many games are now targeted at casual users and families rather than hardcore gaming fans (check the furore over the recent release in the Prince of Persia series, condemned by longstanding fans for being very, very easy!). What does this suggest for other elements of the media? Think about advertising - where should it appear? Have advertisers started creating synergy with the games companies? What about tie-ins between animated film and computer games?

Which adverts cause offence?

Commonly, we might assume that adverts featuring excessive sex or violence are most likely to attract criticism. Actually, given the current economic crisis, the Advertising authorities (for example, the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK) are more likely to condemn adverts which encourage reckless financial behaviour.

Newspapers in trouble...

How much longer until print media disappears?

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