Missing Disks Warning

When you start FCP and a ‘Missing Disks’ warning appears.
It happens when the last user did not remove the secondary Scratch Disk set up after use.

Missing Disks Warning - Media@SIS

Hit ‘Reset Scratch Disks’ and the Scratch Disks Window will appear. It shows where the footage and render files are placed. First row is about the primary hard disk, second row is about the secondary hard disk... and so on....
Missing Disks Warning - Media@SIS

Using external hard disk for editing
go there

Using local disk
Hit ‘Clear’ on the row that external hard disk is set (the 2nd row on the picture above).
If the first row (primary disk) is not set up, reset it to the local disk by
Hitting ‘Set’ → Choose ‘Mac HD\User\Document\Final Cut Pro Documents’

Set Waveform Cache, Thumbnail Cache and Autosave Valult to 'Mac HD\User\Document\Final Cut Pro Documents’ too
Hit 'OK' and FCP will load again.

Missing Disks Warning - Media@SIS

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