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This wiki is full of references to 'New Media' with GCSE topics such as advertising (2010 GCSE Media Studies) and News (2009 GCSE Media Studies) good places to start developing your understanding of the way in which, primarily, the internet is transforming traditional media forms.

Your final GCSE Media Studies textual analysis assignment will be to research the evolution and growing importance of New Media and in particular 'Media Convergence' within our society. It has implications for business (franchises, brands etc) as well as consumers, fans, aficionados and the way we communicate as a human race. Below I've embedded some of the key presentations I will be using with you.

1. What was significant about the launch of Netscape in 1994 for the future growth of the internet?
2. Why was the fall of the Berlin Wall significant for the future growth of computer technology and the future Web 2.0 society?
3. Do you agree with the idea of 'digital natives?' (Prensky, 2001)
4. What is Web 1.0?
5. What is Web 2.0?
6. What is Web 3.0?
7. What do you think the future of computer technology is likely to bring? How is this likely to shape our society and the nature of communication?
8. What is Moore's Law and why is it significant to our study of New Media?
9. How important do you think mobile technology is to the growth of this sector?

Viral Advertising

Twitter (ning forum) and a very funny mockumentary/parody about Twitter, called Flutter here. Thanks to Jennifer Li.

Twitter vs Facebook (ning forum)

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