News: Genre

Red Top (Sun, Mirror…)Black Top (Mail, Express…)Broadsheet (Guardian, Independent…)
Sharp, bright eye-catching palette.
A Nib menu used.
Photo/picture dominated.
It is aimed at the working class, blue-collar audience. (Construction, manual, unskilled.)
Use colloquialisms.
Sport quite often features on the front page. This emphasizes the 'new aristocracy,' of celebrity based glamour and gossip
San Serif font (informal.)
More text, less colour.
The newsvalues are in between Red Top and Broadsheet newspapers. (Aimed at C1 & C2 on the socio-economic strata)
They publicize news and gossip, but more equal than either of the other two.
There are no puffs.
Images tend to be coloured, but text dominates the front page. The masthead is black, however the logo is usually red.
The graphology is serif, instead of sans-serif which has more formal connotations.
It does not have a menu, unlike redtops.
Headlines take up most of the page. The lures are minimal and small.
The use of negative youth stereotypes. Aimed at lower middle class. (C1+C2) Youth stereotyped as scapegoats in a 'moral panic' about declining standards e.g. Chav culture... (Stanley Cohen, Folk Devils & Moral Panics)
e.g. The Daily Telegraph
Graphology is Times New Roman or an equally formal style.
It is focused on serious news such as finance, politics etc. The language is more articulate and aimed at an educated audience.
It is aimed at Socio-economic groups- A&B. (Professionals, graduates etc.
The logo and masthead is in a Ye Olde English font, suggesting age and history.
Lots of puffs acting as a lure into the newspaper itself
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