Policy on Submission of Formal Coursework

  • Unless stated elsewhere by class teachers, all formal deadlines are set for 2:30pm ordinarily on Friday unless a holiday ensues on that day.
  • The department offers a blanket extension of 24hrs, which accounts for any last minute crash in software or other technical problem.
  • Please note that the Film & Media department supports Adobe Premiere Pro and other Adobe software. Students opting to use Final Cut Pro, Avid, Sony Vegas, etc are unlikely to receive technical support. Students downloading editing software illegally from torrented sources do so as their own risk. They will not receive support from the department and may be removed from the course for breaching the ethical guidelines of the school.
  • In the event of laptop failure students are reminded that we have at least 10 fully functioning i-Macs in school for the completion of tasks.
  • Students are reminded that it is their responsibility to save work as they are completing tasks. The use of an external hard-drive or cloud facility via software such as Adobe Premiere Pro negates the need for lengthy extensions beyond a single day of editing (This being in the eventuality that software crashes on day of the deadline itself).
  • Students are reminded to test final exported files (e.g. mp4 or Quicktime files) before submission. Films should be exported using H.264 and 'high bitrate' settings on Premiere Pro.
  • Whilst Google Drive files are acceptable for the completion of tasks, the department urges students to upload final film related products onto video hosting platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo. The department reserves the right to upload any content submitted by SIS Film & Media students onto our YouTube account at sisfilmmaker
  • Late submission of work will automatically incur a penalty of 1 mark per criterion per day.

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