Press Release

PRESS RELEASE; January 2008

The English Schools Foundation wishes to announce its decision to cancel the Chinese New Years’ holiday. Students will attend lessons as usual. This decision has been made for a number of reasons;

· The recent bad weather means that many students and their families will be unable to leave Hong Kong and will be bored all week. As such, ESF Head Office have decided that a better use of students’ time would be to stay in school.
· IB students in Year 12 need more time to complete their assignments.
· Some parents have been complaining that they are not receiving value for money. ESF wishes to address this by offering more contact time for students.
· Student representatives from Year 12 have been interviewed and have agreed that they need more time to complete assignments.

A press conference, hosted by a member of ESF Executive, will be held today.


Prepare a brief (no more than one minute) podcast reporting this story. Remember that you will have a specific target audience; either teachers, parents, the general public, sixth formers or younger students.

Slightly techy stuff: Mac users - use Garageband. Click 'New Podcast Episode' when it opens, find an appropriate jingle, record your pre-prepared story and 'share' it as an MP4 file (don't just 'save' it - you can't do anything with it as a Garageband file.) You could also use Soundtrack Pro, if you have it -it offers a few more options but is possibly less user-friendly. For those using PCs - one option is to download and use Audacity (which is a useful program anyway!) You'll need an external mic (probably) and you might need to search for a jingle (if you really want one.)

Then, you can either upload it to the internet or email it to me. You could use a site like Podbean, which offers free hosting, you could upload it to a forum post on Ning, or you may have your own account with some service which offers podcast hosting. I need to be able to play it, on a PC (with iTunes installed) after CNY. Making sure that your podcast is 'broadcastable' is part of the task!

So - good podcasts will sound authentic, will be targeted at the appropriate audience and will be delivered, on time (it's the news, remember - can NOT be late), in a usable format. Get started!

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