Section B of your exam appears to be relatively predictable if we consider the topic. You will certainly be asked to design your own FILM POSTER and will annotate the design. We imagine that you will also be asked to target an audience of your own age. In the latter, slightly more challenging questions you'll need to justify your design strategies, explaining how they re: to your chosen target audience whilst then explaining exactly how you intend to promote the film itself.

WJEC suggest the following prep task, which we will try in class:

Create a film poster for a new film which is aimed at the teenage market.

Complete the following tasks:

► Choose a genre and title for your film. Explain why you have chosen this genre and title. (10)

► Plan the layout of your poster. Label your layout. (10)

► Explain how the poster will appeal to your target audience. (10)

► Apart from the film poster you have designed, suggest further ways in which your film will be marketed to reach your intended audience. (10)

Total mark: 40

Creating a film poster:

► The title and genre should be clear at a glance.

► Use a single strong image that shows the problem or narrative conflict.

► The colours should indicate the genre and be limited in range.

► Follow the conventions of film posters in terms of key features and layout.

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