This is an entertaining weekly podcast that I listen to regularly. It's full of interesting perspectives on the media from different experts in the industry - listen to it on your way up to the 8th floor!

OK, this isn't strictly about the media, but it sure is entertaining! Each week, Amber and Leo tell us what is happening on the net right now. There are guests on all the time too to give things a nice spin. I've gotten a lot of great links from this show.

And while you're at it, you might also want to check out the entire TWiT network. While again not strictly about media, I find that being up to date with tech news (which overlaps with the media quite a lot anyway) can go a long way in this subject. My favourite shows are This Week in Tech, The Tech Guy (all your tech questions answered - plus you can phone in, real time, over Skype too!) and This Week in Google.


Here's a cool show detailing the art of film making and special effects in a humorous and interesting way.

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