Reformat an external hard disk

i. Backup all the stuff on external hard disk.
Format your external hard disk to ‘Mac OS Extended’ format and it will only work on Mac.
Why ? By default, it is formatted in FAT32 format and is compatible to both Window and Mac OS, but your file size would be limited to 4GB. NTFS is a format for Window platform only.
How ?
ii Open ‘Disk Utility’ from ‘Application\Utility’
Select your external hard disk from the left column (THE ORANGE ICON, NOT THE SILVER ONE WHICH IS YOUR LOCAL DISK)
iii. Click ‘Erase’ tab
Format: Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and
Rename your external hard disk if you want.
Click ‘Erase’ button at the bottom.
A window pop-up and ask you to confirm the erase process.
After the erase process, you may divide the hard disk into different partitions by open 'Partition' tab.

Reformat an external hard disk - Media@SIS

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