SIS TV was first launched in 2004 as an after school activity and initially became a hobby-horse for the then 7T. (Now 12T1 & 12T2!) In 2008, we relaunched the service with our current Y11 with Victor Kwan designing our new logo, replacing our old brand image which had lasted since 2004. Check out the logo designed Victor on our homepage! Our oldest projects can be found here whilst more up to date SIS TV productions can be found on this wiki using the links below.

The 2008/9 academic year has been the most successful yet for SIS TV. It is now linked to the Media Studies curriculum with towards the end of the school year Y10 choosing a genuine client to work with on a project, which is showcased on one of the pages below. Our vision for SIS TV necessitates the construction of many channels, just like an usual TV institution. Like most TV institutions, there are many opportunities for synergy with other media forms (the internet, magazines etc) and Y10 Media (pre-production) and the STUDENT VOICE project, which SIS TV fully supports.

Our current flagship TV programme is ANALYSIS, a chat-show format using Paul Lau as the presenter. Our pilot episode features Mr Weaver and focuses on Moodle (the school's new Virtual Learning environment) and technological changes made to the school in recent years. Our second show will be made in the New Year and will be an interview with Mr Wray and will address his stewardship as principal at SIS.

SIS TV Channels:

SIS News
SIS Sport
SIS Community Channel (Working with local companies to develop media based projects)
SIS Primary Channel (Aimed at primary school students)
SIS Knowledge (Documentary channel)
SIS Entertainment(General Entertainment channel)
SIS Student Voice

The chances are that many of you will need to consider the conventions of promotional videos and the documentary format to complete this task. You can find more information about documentaries here. In terms of promotional videos, check out this innovative film which really impressed me and which makes use of advertising conventions.