Sustainability (Cross Curricular)

Sustainability is now an important concept which has been embraced by South Island School, including the Film/Media Department. We have decided to work with departments across the school to develop meaningful projects which both challenge you through ACTION ENQUIRY to understand what this term actually means supported through audio-visual resources provided by SIS TV. (See Also see The Story of Stuff here.

ART- Recycled paper (As the main source of media); Discarded objects from the SKIP (recycling project)...
DESIGN TECHNOLOGY- Recycling materials (where they come from) Carbon Footprints
ENGLISH- 4 Week Module (Y7) Not specifically focused on sustainability however in Drama we studied Indigo Mills and researched slave and child labour in China and wrote a letter protesting this to the Premier of China (which we didn’t post of course!) What we could do in English Yr 7 4 week module. Non Fiction with links to Drama and or Media
Researching: Protest songs of the 1960’s, Current affairs e.g. palm oil, Indonesian fires, Comprehending/Enquiry. Articles/song lyrics. Composition/Project, Essay analyzing song, Speech persuading audience, Letter protesting to government
FOOD- Lack of water & food wastage
TEXTILES- (Y7) Use of pesticides, chemical irrigation and the potential threats to the environment; Advanced Diploma- Giving value to waste through clothing to make new valuable objects 9Polyester rather than cotton)
MEDIA STUDIES (Y10)- Sustainability via projects with client based partners, which attempt to provide 'advocacy' and sustainability through long term meaningful projects with client based partners...

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