Using the Green Screen

The following instructions will get you started and help you create the i-pod effect:

1. Keep a distance from the green screen when shooting so as there will not be a shadow in the background
2. Use the Chroma Key Filter (Under Video Filter in Effects)
3. Use the dropper to select green
4. Extend the range of green to cover the whole frame
5. Extend saturation and luma to provide will become transparent
6. Soften the edge by adjusting the controls in the lower area of the window (Edge Thin)
7. Under Image Control, add brightness filter and set the scale to 0 and add then a desaturate filter
8. To generate a single colour, use Video generators, Matte and then choose Color...drag color generator onto the timeline
9. To copy the filters copty the firts clip and then right click the second clip and select paste attributes....Then select filters


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