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Infotainment is entertainment that provides information. This is more commonly known as documentaries. Instead of giving only the facts, Infotainment entertains it’s target audience by entertaining them while providing them with specific information at the same time. Some examples of this are: Discovery channel, National Geography and Top Gear.
In some ways, Infotainment is news because some of the documentaries (Like Top Gear) provide news about cars to their audience. On the other hand, some documentaries are not news because they are not really informing people with current situations. It is only like and education show. So it is quite hard to say if infotainment is news or not.
However, Infotainment is also commonly used in children’s cartoons. These are usually aimed at very young children and it helps them to learn how to speak, read, gain knowledge etc. Examples of this are: Little Einstein and Dora the explorer.

Not a bad start, but obviously too short. You could have focused more on tabloid-style reporting of stories which aren't really informative - Jade Goody would be one such example, general celebrity coverage might be another. I think you MIGHT scrape a D for this because you have shown some general knowledge through your examples; however, there is no specific media knowledge, terminology or theory.

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