YEAR 11 MEDIA MOCK (March 2016)

L4-8-10 (A/A*) Intelligent response to the Q. with emerging sense of political, institutional and social context. Theories defined and applied to case of studies where necessary. Key terms defined and applied to trailer and posters of study. Key points connect not only with texts and audiences but media institutions too.
L3- 7 (B) Confident use of media terms and theories...concepts beginning to emerge
L2-5-6 (C) Emerging media terms, theories etc but without definition and proper application
L1-3-4 (D/E) Implied rather than stated sense of media knowledge

72 A*
64 A
56 B
48 C
40 D
32 E
24 F

SECTION A: Thinking about the Media – Advertising and Marketing: Film Trailers (40 marks)

1. Name two typical trailer features. Explain how they have been used. [10]
This question enables you to go straight for the jugular with big hitting concepts from the start. You are awarded 2 marks for each trailer feature. I'd have opted for the logo of production companies (20th Century Fox & Marvel) and use of a (non-diegetic) soundtrack. (The video for SNOW GHOSTS- The HUNTED was released at the same time as the TRAILER) Both provide you with the opportunity to use SYNERGY as a big hitting marketing concept immediately with re: to both examples.

2. Identify two specific settings represented in the trailer. How important are settings to the film being promoted? [10]
Try to avoid repetition throughout the paper so you are looking for different examples with re: to Q2. This question is an ideal way into discussing generic conventions and expectation through (for instance) ICONOGRAPHY. (Buscombe) This could also connect with ESCAPISM/ENTERTAINMENT or SELF IDENTIFICATION with the settings. Equally the CULTURAL CODE (BARTHES) could be combined with USES & GRATIFICATIONS via recognisable icons such as the BROOKLYN BRIDGE. You could also identify some ORIENTAL icons too. The use of the PYRAMIDS as the setting for the megalomaniac ANTAGONIST. The negative associations with an eastern, Muslim setting could be juxtaposed with the empathy or preferred reading in which we see familiar western icons destroyed. The 'norm' here very much represented by western hegemony.
3. Explain how male or female subjects are represented in any two film trailers you have studied. Are they represented in a typical way?[10]
Most students opted for discussion of POST FEMINISM and Scarlett Johansson. Her ability to wear hyper sexual clothing associated with a DOMINATRIX whilst 'clearing up after the boys.' Be careful here, she is not in a domestic setting but rather picking up CAPTAIN AMERICA'S SHIELD whilst riding a motorbike at about 60MPH, therefore very much an action heroine. I would have expected you to opt for your VIDEO ESSAY example second. Several of you looked at the ANDROGYNOUS representation of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS (Daisy Ridley) and the use of a female heroine. Many of you mentioned JOSEPH CAMPBELL'S HERO'S JOURNEY and the replacement of LUKE SKYWALKER with REY.

4. Identify two persuasive techniques used in film trailers. Using two examples you have studied explain how these techniques help promote the film. [10]
You could use MEDIA CONVERGENCE and SPREADABLE MEDIA. Remember to use full sentences here by defining terms first before application to trailers that you have studied. The clue here is very much in the final shot of the trailer viewed in the exam, although there was no necessity for you to discuss this one specifically.

YEAR 11 MEDIA MOCK (March 2016) - Media@ESF

The suggestion here is that TRAILERS are designed to be SPREADABLE CONTENT via multi-platform marketing approaches. You could use McCracken's MULTIPLIER idea or the importance of WORD OF MOUTH (Gladwell) with concepts such as THE STICKINESS FACTOR or major curators. (Super connectors) Remember to explain how important the cellphone is to this process as a converged device.This could also connect to WEB 2.0 and the breakdown of the GATEKEEPER MODEL as well as WEB 3.0 and the TAMING of the WEB (Semantic Web) in which we are automatically alerted to content via our apps and viewing habits.

SECTION B: Thinking about the Media – Advertising and Marketing: Film Posters (40 marks)
5. Create a film poster for a new film aimed at a teenage audience. (It cannot be for an existing franchise.)

Complete the following tasks:

Task 1. Choose a name and genre for the new film. Briefly explain why you chose the name and genre. (10 marks)
This was probably the question eliciting the most disappointing responses in the exam, so we'll need to tighten up for the real thing. This is a chance to connect the title of your film to the genre but also note that the question specifically asks you to 'create a film poster for a new film aimed at a teenage audience.' Text savvy language (for instance) would enable you to target teens. In 2012, a film entitled LOL was released as a coming of age drama. Perhaps the name and tech base to your idea will be exploited in later questions as part of your marketing response. Jenkins' 'convergence culture' could be mentioned here in terms of the film's content and marketing. The self-identification with relationships, love etc are common conventions associated with the teen movie. Keep in mind that thus is a poster so something short and catchy is best given space restrictions. A direct mode of address could be used or a rhetorical question forming a connection with your intended audience/quadrants.
Task 2. Choose at least one star. Explain why you chose that star. (10 marks)
If you have identified a teen movie generic approach then stars likely to appeal to teens would be appropriate e.g. Zac Efron, Sophie Turner, Kit Harington etc. You could also try to benefit from cross platform marketing synergy by identifying music stars too. remember to use Dyer's parallel narratives by leveraging te private lfe of stars to help publicise the film, which also engages with fandom, spreadable culture etc.
Task 3. Design your poster and annotate your design. (10 marks)

Congratulations to Belinda Ng for this excellent design. Note that the basic design is very clear at a glance with colour and yet is not too fancy that it cannot be reproduced quickly under timed conditions. The annotations are detailed and full of L4 theoretical/institutional concepts.

YEAR 11 MEDIA MOCK (March 2016) - Media@ESF
Task 4. As well as your film poster, how else will you help promote your film? (10 marks)
* Intertextuality (Post modern marketing strategies)
* Symbiotic relationships
* Uber Vloggers (super connectors)
* Synergy/merchandising

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