Year 6 Soundtrack Lesson

By Rachel, Momoka, Grace Year 6

Today, you're going to create a soundtrack for a film. You haven't got much time, but don't worry - some of our Y10 students will help you.

FIRST - you need a film. Go here or here and select some stock footage. You need to save it to your computer. DO NOT SPEND AGES ON THIS!

THEN - you need to create a soundtrack. Drag the clip into Garageband (or Soundtrack Pro if you're feeling ambitious) and start playing.

THEN - you need to OUTPUT your video as a Quicktime movie. Use the 'Share' button on the Garageband toolbar.

THEN - you're going to upload it to Youtube. This means that someone in your group needs to be logged in to their youtube account. LEAVE TIME FOR THIS - it can take quite a while to upload. I'd suggest you leave about half the time for this!

FINALLY - you're going to embed the video on THIS PAGE. Only super ninja-skilled students will get that far, though...

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